Sunday Roller Hockey Call List

By agreeing to be a part of the list, you agree to all terms and conditions below.

All players are ranked on the call list (which is actually a text message list) according to “Nights Played.” Every time a player plays in a night of Sunday Roller Hockey games, they get credit for a night played. If you show up to keep score for us, you will also earn a night played. In order for scorekeepers to earn a night played, they must stick around and help out for the entire night. If a person who is playing brings a scorekeeper with them and they are the first to introduce me to their scorekeeping friend, they will get to play for free.

You must go to in order to officially join the list.

In order to pass someone on the list, you must not only tie them in nights played, but surpass their total nights played altogether. This is how it’s possible that even though you may have the same number of nights played as another player on the list, they may still be listed ahead of you. Once you pass that player on the list, they will have to take the same steps to climb over you again.

The top 15 skaters and 2 goaltenders on the list are guaranteed a spot to play the following Sunday if they so desire. The 16th skater spot is determined by a weighted lottery, which will be described below. Goaltenders can decide to skate instead of tending goal if they so choose.

Early every week (usually on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday) I will send a text message to everyone on the list. This text message will ask you if you’d like to play the following Sunday (assuming I get to your name on the list). If you respond “Yes,” I’ll mark you down as such and you will receive a text message on Thursday (rarely delayed to Friday) letting you know if you “made the cut” and will be playing on Sunday. Please also check by Friday morning if you do not receive the e-mail. If you respond “No,” then the text message you receive on Thursday will confirm that you will definitely not be playing on Sunday.

Update: If for some reason you do not receive an invitation text message, please just text/call me early in the week whether you hear from me or not and let me know of your intentions.

***It's on you to make sure I know what you'd like to do each week. I will take no responsibility if you get skipped. You can avoid any confusion by being proactive and sending me a message early in the week.***

If it’s after 7:30pm and I haven’t been able to get in touch with you, then you can expect not to play. Please keep in mind that if you do not want to deal with the possibility of being skipped on Thursday, you can simply respond to the text message you receive from me earlier in the week or just call/text me earlier in the week and let me know of your intentions. This way, there will not be any confusion.  No matter how you let me know, you must re-tell me each week. You cannot set up an arrangement where I just assume you're playing every week.

16th Skater Lottery:

After the first 15 skater spots and 2 goaltender positions are assigned, all remaining skaters will get their name thrown into the hat with the possibility of being drawn as that week’s “random player.” Each week, your name is thrown into the hat equal to the number of nights played you have earned on the list plus one. So, if you have already earned 10 nights played on the list, your name will be in the hat 11 times, if you have played 6 nights, your name will be in the hat 7 times, etc. After I have determined how many times everyone’s name should appear in the hat, I will draw out one name and that person will be the “random player” for that week. There is no limit to the number of times you can be chosen as the “random player.”

Late Cancelation Policy (Updated 9/15/2016):

In the past I have had many troubles with people agreeing to play on Thursday, then changing their minds on Sunday afternoon, evening, or even right before we were supposed to begin play on Sunday night. While I do understand that emergencies can arise which are out of your control, I have decided that the following system will be used to curtail late cancellations:

If you must cancel, please let me know by calling or texting me before 11:59pm on Friday night. If you do this, there will be no penalty.  If you call or text me about canceling any time on Saturday before 11:59pm, you will lose 1 night played on the call list. If you call or text me about canceling any time on Sunday before we begin play, you will lose as many nights on the call list as are necessary for you to drop 1 spot on the call list. If you simply do not let me know and fail to show up on Sunday, you will lose as many nights on the call list as are necessary for you to drop 3 spots on the call list. This will be strictly enforced. No matter what the circumstances, you must adhere to these rules. Even if your house burns down, your car is stolen, you begin projectile vomiting and cannot stop, you are abducted by aliens, you end up in jail for a crime you didn’t commit, get called into work, your wife goes into premature labor, you receive a sign directly from God instructing you not to play, you run out of gas along the way, etc., you will still lose the appropriate number of nights played. This takes all of the guess work out of my hands and completely makes this a level playing field. I do not want to be put into a position where I have to decide if your excuse warrants an exception to the preceding rules. There are lots of other people who would love to have your spot, and if you don’t show up you’re screwing them over. Also, please keep in mind that I have things going on in my life, as well. That means that even though you may think I have plenty of time to find a replacement for you, I may be too busy to do so. The moral is, do not commit to playing if you’re not 10,000% sure you will be able to play on Sunday. By joining the SRH Call/Text Message/E-mail list you are telling me you agree to these terms.

Injured Reserve:

If you are injured/sick and cannot play on a night when you would have made the cut, you can still get credit for a night played (if I would have gotten to your name on the list anyway), but you must show me a doctor’s note. I know this sounds ridiculous and it hasn’t really been enforced in the past, but I feel this is necessary to keep people from using the IR as a way to take a break from SRH without losing ground on the list. If you’re just a little sore or have a cold, you’ll need to suck it up and play. If you’re worse off than that, just have your doctor write you a note stating how long you are out of hockey. You will receive credit for all nights played covered by the dates in your note (assuming the list would have allowed you to play that week, anyway). Please have your doctor specify the affected dates. I’m sorry to be so anal, but this is the fairest way to be certain that people are being truthful. No one should continually move up the list if they aren’t genuinely hurt or sick. By joining the SRH Call/Text Message/E-mail list you are telling me you agree to these terms.

Sunday Roller Hockey Championship Series:

The list below will not be used for the Sunday Roller Hockey Championship Series. Instead, the order will be determined by raw games played during the recently completed season. First, I will determine who the goalies will be based on goalie games played. The goalies who don't make the cut will have their goalie games played applied to their total skater games played. The top 16 skaters in terms of games (not nights) played will play in the Sunday Roller Hockey Championship Series. There will be no random player drawing for the Sunday Roller Hockey Championship Series.

Disclaimers and Exceptions:

I reserve the right to invite people out of order for any reason. This is very rare and has occurred maybe just a handful of times since SRH’s December 2006 inception. Normally, this is due to me wanting to do something nice for someone who has recently returned from overseas in the military or something similar. That being said, I still reserve the right to invite anyone to play in any spot at any time whether intentionally or unintentionally (if I mistakenly call someone out of order). By joining the SRH Call/Text Message/E-mail list you are telling me you agree to these terms. You also agree that you are bound by these terms even if they are changed by me without notice to you.

Let me know if you have any questions!
On 9/9/2023, I updated this list by removing players who had not replied to the weekly texts in a very long time. If your name is now missing and you would like to get back on the list, please contact me to let me know.
Call List
# Player Name All Time Nights Played
1 Miller, Jason (G) XXX
2 Crouse, Dan 495
3 Fogle, Steve 446
4 McGillicuddy, Scott 438
5 Gordon, Scott 399
6 Edler, Steve 374
7 Okain, Deno 373
8 Ponder, Jeff 373
9 Kincaid, Scott (G) 348
10 Mocabee, Mason 347
11 Teasdale, Mike 335
12 Aromando, Jamie 292
13 Adams, Mick 291
14 Henry, Jon 239
15 Hotard, Greg (G) 238
16 Lipscomb, Dave (G) 208
17 Carter, Chris 198
18 Donovan, John 150
19 Cerrato, Neil (G) 144
20 Parks, Jake 138
21 Miller, Tony 131
22 Nichols, Mike 116
23 Hill, Bryan 109
24 Aguilar, Marc 95
25 Dean, Andrew 83
26 Schmitt, Tony 75
27 Mayer, Chad 68
28 Zahner, Jon (G) 67
29 Winton, Jay 66
30 Chrysler, Chris (G) 63
31 Wolf, Joe 58
32 Newkirk, Brandon 54
33 King, Travis 44
34 Lovell, Kyle 42
35 Schellenbach, Craig (G) 40
36 Wilburn, Eric 35
37 Neil, Andy (G) 35
38 Holliday, Jose 33
39 Brunkhorst, Jon 25
40 Stelmach, Mike 21
41 Cates, Chad 20
42 King, Randy 15
43 Rankin, Trevor 12
44 Wigginton, Bobby (G) 10
45 Paul, Dustin 9
46 Lindhorst, Bryan 8
47 Heckenkamp, Chris (G) 6
48 Lynch, Austin 6
49 Merrick, Bryan 6
50 Amsden, Matt 4
51 Sullivan, Jacob 2
52 Sanftner, Aaron 2
53 Sakuma, Colbei 2
54 Mueller, Ian 2
55 King, Paityn (G) 2
56 Borgers, Jeff (G) 1
57 Martine, Jason 1
58 Lindsay, Jason (G) 1
59 Datillo, Kyle 1
60 Russom, Jim (G) 1
61 Boegeman, Tim 1
62 Viper, Todd 0
+ Injured Reserve

(G) Goaltender