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 Sunday Roller Hockey News and Announcements

  • We Need Scorekeepers: Please remember that we can always use the help of a scorekeeper!  If you're the first person to introduce me to your scorekeeping friend, you'll get to play for free!  Your scorekeeping friend will also get one night played on the call list (if they so desire).
  • Check out the SRH facebook fan page.

SRH Calendar
*Calendar Subject to Change

  • Sunday, September 22nd: 2019-2020 SRH Opening Night
  • Sunday, November 24th: No SRH - Usual Weekend of Stanley Ponder Cup Tournament
  • Sunday, December 1st: No SRH - Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Sunday, December 22nd: No SRH - Christmas Break
  • Sunday, December 29th: No SRH - Christmas Break
  • Sunday, February 2nd: Regular SRH - We play through the Superbowl
  • Saturday, March 14th: Hopeful date for SRH All-Nighter X Tournament at MWSH
  • Sunday, March 15th: No SRH - Recovery from SRH All-Nighter X Tournament at MWSH
  • Sunday, April 12th: No SRH - Easter Sunday
  • Sunday, May 17th: Last regular season night of SRH for 2019-2020
  • Sunday, May 24th: No SRH - Memorial Day Weekend
  • Sunday, May 31st: 2019-2020 SRH Championship Series
  • Saturday, June 6th: No SRH - 2019-2020 SRH Awards Party

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