Skill Check Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. You may asked to fill out an unrelated survey at the end, don't worry. This questionnaire was built using a free service called You do not need to fill out the extra survey at the end. After you've submitted your answers, you will see a small moving status bar at the top and it will say "Sending Form". After it says, "Form Sent," click on the small link at the top which says "Continue" in order to get to the payment page. Thanks again!

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Mobile Phone Number (So your captain can communicate with you):
Are you completely available to play between 2:00PM and 10:00PM on Saturday night, March 14, 2020? Yes
Do you understand that until your $45 ($46.65 if paying online) is paid, your spot is not reserved for this tournament and that no exceptions can be made to this rule? I must have your money in my hands or your online payment must clear or your spot isn’t saved. I won’t save your spot because a check is in the mail or you promise to pay later. Yes
Do you understand that you must go to to pay your $45 ($46.65 when you pay online to cover the fees I will incur) and to view all tournament info. You may also pay me $45 in cash or send a check for $45 to: Jason Miller, 16700 Westglen Farms Drive, Wildwood MO 63011. Yes
Do you understand that no alcohol or drugs of any kind may be brought into the building? Beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be available at the bar. Midwest Sport Hockey is giving us a deal on the rink time, so it would be incredible for everyone to stick around and have a few beers and maybe even some food at the MWSH bar when the tournament is over. Yes
Do you understand that no cancellations/refunds will be given after February 27th, 2020 and that there can be no exceptions to this rule? Yes
Do you understand that you must contribute to cleaning up your team's changing room and the players’ benches after the tournament? We need to leave the building as clean as we found it. Yes
You will likely be provided with a jersey for this tournament. It will be yours to keep after the tournament. That said, just in case the tournament jerseys fall through, please bring a white and a dark jersey to the tournament? Please do not bring gray, yellow, or gold jerseys. Yes

Please enter your address below. This will only be used for the purposes of mailing you a refund check should the need arise. Remember that no refunds will be processed for any reason whatsoever after February 27th. The only exception being the refunds provided to people on the waiting list who do not end up getting to play.

Street Address:
Zip Code:

Please fill in the details of your playing experience below. This will more easily allow the captains to choose five evenly matched and competitive teams.

Preferred Position (Remember that this cannot be guaranteed): Forward
Forward or Defense
Goalie, Forward or Defense
Goalie or Forward
Goalie or Defense
Do you shoot lefty or righty? Goalies, with which hand do you catch? Righty
Your Age (Must be at least 18 years old by March 14, 2020):
Years of Playing Experience:
If asked, would you be willing to serve as a captain? Your duties would include meeting to draft the teams, texting information to your team, setting lines and strategies for your team, etc: Yes
What levels of hockey/inline hockey have you played?:
Please provide any other information about your skill level which may be helpful to team captains during the player draft. Assume they've never seen you play:


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