How Do I Get Invited?

In order to be invited, please fill out the sign up form.  Please be aware that while you may be added to the list rather quickly, there is no guarantee that you'll be playing right away.  The call list is based on seniority (except for one randomly assigned spot per week) and is explained in depth here.  By showing up to keep score for us, you can get credit for a night played on the call list.

If you are selected to play, please remember to bring a white jersey, a dark jersey, and $10 in cash ($10 for goaltenders, too).  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what equipment you'll need.  Also, feel free to bring a friend with you to keep score for us.  If you do this and you're the first person that night to introduce me face to face to your score keeping friend, you get to play for free!  Also, your score keeping friend can get a night played on the call list, as well.

Here's what we're all about...

Please be aware that we are a non-competitive, recreational league and we're not looking to add any hot heads.  People who refuse to be cool with others are asked not to return.  We do use a referee, but that's because we like the aspect of face-offs, and for a penalty to be called if the situation calls for it.

We play two, 40 minute (running clock) games each Sunday night at Midwest Sport Hockey in Queeny Park from 9:00PM until 10:30PM (sometimes our start time will shift to 9:30PM or even 10:00PM).  Please keep in mind that this start time can sometimes change and we can possibly start as late as 10:30PM.  Each 40 minute game is played straight through, meaning the game is not broken into periods.  There is about a 5 minute rest between games.  Any game ending in a tie simply stays a tie.  The last minute of tied or one goal games will go to a stop time format, meaning the clock will stop on each whistle.  There are no time outs in SRH games.  The only time we break a tie is during the SRH Championship Series which takes place the Sunday after Memorial Day each June.

Even though our league is recreational, we find it fun to keep statistics for our games.  We keep track of goals, assists, points, game +/- (you get a +1 for each game you win and a -1 for each game you lose), games played, penalty minutes, and points per game for skaters.  We award no more than one assist on any goal that is scored.  We keep track of games played, wins, losses, ties, winning percentage, goals allowed, goals against average, and assists (very rare) for goaltenders.

Teams are different every week.  You could be on a certain person's team one week, then the next you could be playing against them.  So, it's a good idea to be cool to the guys on both teams.  Goalies always switch teams between games.  That way, each team gets to play one 40 minute game with each goalie.  Each week I try to get in touch with two people and have them pick teams early.  Sometimes, I just divide the players into evenly matched teams by myself.  Do we have big time blowouts sometimes?  Sure, but it's no big deal.  It's about having fun.

Our "seasons" last from mid-September until the SRH Championship Series is played in June.  We then have an "awards" party the Saturday following the SRH Championship Series before taking the hottest part of the summer off.

If you have any other questions about how our group works, just e-mail me at and ask away!  Also, feel free to join in the conversations on our facebook page.

Jason Miller, Commish

What Equipment Do I Need?

The only pieces of equipment you are absolutely required to have are a helmet and cup, but many other things would be recommended. If you're new to the game, here's what you may want to get:


1. Face cage/visor for your helmet (Not required, but you might want one)


2. White jersey/shirt and a dark colored jersey/shirt so we can tell who's on which team

3. Elbow pads (Not required, but you might want them)

4. Gloves

5. Hip/tailbone pads (not required, but you might want them), and long roller hockey pants.


6. Shin Guards

7. Skates (Of course. We're playing on sport court. Ask the guy where you buy your stuff for wheels that work on this surface. You'll want soft wheels to get the best grip.)

8. Your own hockey stick.  Bringing a second stick in case your main stick breaks would be a good idea.


1. Goalie Mask


2. Chest Protector with Arm Protection


3. Catch Glove/Trapper


4. Blocker


5. Goalie Pants


6. Leg Pads


7. Goalie Skates (Some people wear regular skater skates.  That is fine, too.)


8. Goalie Stick (Bringing a second stick in case your main stick breaks would be a good idea.)