These are the people confirmed to be playing this coming Sunday night at 9:00PM.  Please bring a white and a dark jersey as we will be picking teams at the rink.  If your name is on the below list, thanks for agreeing to play roller hockey with us this Sunday Night from 9:00PM until 10:30PM!. We are playing at Midwest Sport Hockey/Queeny Roller Rink.

>>>Please bring a white jersey/shirt and a dark jersey/shirt. Also, PLEASE BRING EXACTLY $10 IN CASH! You might get lucky and be able to get change or pay with a credit card, but I can't guarantee it. The only way to be absolutely sure you'll be able to pay is to bring exactly $10 in cash. Goalies will also owe $10.<<<

You could end up playing for free if you bring someone with you to keep score! Just be the first person to introduce me to your scorekeeper friend for the evening and consider yourself paid! Also, if your friend would like credit for a night played on the call list, then just have them let me know!


Playing hard is totally fine, but this will not be the place for showing anyone you are a bigger bad ass than them, to pick a fight with anyone, or to be any kind of asshole at all. If those are the kinds of things you are looking for, please do not show up. If you start shit with someone, you will not be asked to play again. There might be very experienced hockey players here, but there will also be some guys that are just learning and we want them to keep showing up and having fun, as well. Let's all just have fun with this!

If your name is not on the below list, I'm sorry to inform you that you will not be playing roller hockey with our group this week due to one of the following reasons:

- You declined to play.
- I was unable to get in contact with you as I went down my phone list.
- This week's session filled before I got to your name on my phone list.

You may hear from me if any spots open up before we play on Sunday. Openings created by player cancellation(s) will be posted on the SRH facebook page. You will not receive a text message about player openings created by player cancellations. Let me know if you would like to be added to that page. Please keep in mind that showing up to help keep score while we play can move you up the list without actually playing. If you'd like to be removed from my Sunday Roller Hockey call list, please respond and let me know.

Thanks for your interest and look for another text message from me next week.

***The Start Time for 9/15/24 is 9:00PM***

***If you aren't friends with Jason Miller on Facebook, please remedy
that situation so you can be added to our SRH Facebook group!**

***Please bring cash in bills smaller than $20!***

9/15/24 Skaters
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*There is no random lottery for the 16th skater spot for the SRH Championship Series*


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***The Start Time for 6/2/24 is 9:00PM***

***If you aren't friends with Jason Miller on Facebook, please remedy
that situation so you can be added to our SRH Facebook group!***