2018 Stanley Ponder Cup Tournament Details for Team Hotard

You're on Team Hotard for the Stanley Ponder Cup Tournament on Saturday, November 17th at Midwest Sport Hockey in Queeny Park. Your first game is at 3:30PM. Please be ready to step on the rink at 3:30PM so that we can stay on time all night.

Please bring a white and a dark jersey. Avoid yellow or gray jerseys. Captains will determine before each game which color their teams will wear and which bench they'll take.

If you have any goalie equipment, please bring it with you even you are not listed as a goalie for this tournament. You can just leave it locked up in your car. It could really help us out in the case of a goalie getting injured.

The bar will be open from 2:00PM until 1:00AM. Credit cards are ok at the bar. Do not bring any alcohol with you. MWSH is giving us a deal on the rink time, so the least we can do is buy our drinks from them. Also, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not drink so much that you are too inebriated to safely play in the games. If a referee determines you are too intoxicated, you will be removed from the tournament without refund. 

Bring cash for the raffles and 50/50 drawing. In order to win the raffles and 50/50 drawing, you must be in attendance (even if your team is eliminated before the championship game). The winning raffle and 50/50 drawing numbers will be posted on a board near the bleachers. It is your responsibility to check the board often to see if you are a winner. If you do not claim your prize before the displays are cleared at the end of the night, we reserve the right to draw another ticket and give your prize away.

Games are two 15 minute periods. The clock stops in the last minute of tied or 1 goal games. Pucks in netting above the glass will stop play. Round robin games ending in a tie will remain a tie. Playoff games ending in a tie will go to a 3 man NHL style shootout will determine the winner. 1st-4th place makes playoffs. 5th place is eliminated. No timeouts in round robin games. One timeout per team in any playoff game.

Your captain will be in touch with you on the day of the tournament about your team's dressing room. You may not hear about which dressing room you're in until right as the tournament is beginning. Do not be alarmed. It just takes time for these things to sort themselves out that day.

Go here to view the contact information of everyone in the tournament. You will need a password to access that page. You will receive that password via text message. This is to keep everyone's phone number from being posted for the world to see.

This is very important. This is not a bloodsport event. This is a tournament to raise money for charity. Of course you want to win, but this is not the place for people to be disrespectful. If the referee calls you for a penalty, shut your mouth and go sit in the box. If he misses a call, shut your mouth and play the game. If you think the referee is terrible, that’s too bad. Treat your teammates and opposing players with respect. If you cannot do this, then this tournament is not for you. If you are thrown out of a game you are done for the evening, you will receive no refund and your team will not be allowed to replace you.

All players are expected to stick around and help clean up their locker rooms and bench areas before leaving. Please do not leave your teammates to clean up after you.

  • Team Paul: Chad Cates, Mark Chaudoin, Adam Heitman, Matt Linville, Dustin Paul (C), Curt Price, Andrew Roberts, Jon Wittkoetter, Lynn McNew (G)
  • Team Ragsdale: Kurt Cowell, Adam Gold, Marty Gwozdz, Scott Hall, Richard Hoffer, Kevin Ragsdale (C), Pat Scherer, Andy Twillman, Brandon Diaber (G)
  • Team Hummert: Scott Blattel, Chris Carter, Matt Cherry, Mike Draper, Mark Meissner, Mason Mocabee, Alec Schluter, Todd Viper, Josh Yakel (G)
  • Team Ponder: Mark Beger, Dan Crouse, Bryan Gerdes, Mike Hampshire, Scott McGillicuddy, Jeff Ponder (C), Ryan Ramshaw, Michael Rescot, Scott Kincaid (G)
  • Team Hotard: Jamie Aromando, Joey Dekold, Scott Gordon, Joey Heck, Greg Hotard (C), Matt Vinyard, Justin Wilson, Joey Wolf, Jim Russom (G)

Round Robin Schedule


Paul vs Ponder


Ragsdale vs Hummert


Ponder vs Hotard


Hummert vs Paul


1st Raffle Winners Announced


Ragsdale vs Hotard


Hummert vs Ponder


Paul vs Ragsdale


Hotard vs Hummert


2nd Raffle Winners Announced


Ponder vs Ragsdale


Hotard vs Paul



Playoff Schedule


1st Place vs 4th Place


2nd Place vs 3rd Place


Championship Game


3rd Raffle Winners Announced