SRH All-Nighter IX Player Information


*Captains should pick up their teams' jerseys as soon as possible before their first game. As soon as possible, captains should text or run a note to Jason Miller showing each player's jersey number.

*Each team has the following sizes of jerseys: L, L, L, XL, XL, XL, XXL, XXXL

*All goalie jerseys are white. We have the following sizes of goalie cut jerseys: XXL, XXL, XXXL, XXXL, XXXL

*Please wear the jerseys we are providing even if they do not fit perfectly. Our sponsors have paid to have their name on display on each and every player. Thanks for your understanding.

*The jerseys are yours to keep after the tournament.

*After each goal is scored, PLEASE let the scorekeepers know the name or number of the player who scored the goal and the name or number of the player with the assist. We are only giving one assist per goal.

*Games are 2 fifteen minute halves. Round robin games ending in a tie will remain a tie. Playoff games ending in a tie will go to a 3 minute 3 on 3 OT.

*If a playoff OT does not result in a goal, there will be a 3 man NHL style shootout to determine the winner. The better seed will have the choice of shooting first or second.

*The bar will be open until at least midnight. Let's stick around after the tournament ends to have some beers and pizza and to admire the trophy.

*One lucky person will win a $100 cash prize at the end of the championship game. You must still be in attendance to win. Your team does not have to win a single game for you to have a chance to win the prize.

*Pucks that touch the high netting or anything else above the glass will result in a whistle.

*There are no timeouts in round robin games. Each team is allowed 1 timeout during each playoff game.

*The clock will run throughout the entire game except if the score is tied or within 1 goal during the last minute of play. If the score is tied or within 1 goal within the last minute of play, the clock will stop on each whistle.

*Fighting will not be tolerated. The referees have been given the latitude to remove any player from the tournament for fighting or any other egregious acts. If this happens to you, do not expect a refund or for me to lobby on your behalf to the referees.

*The referees and your opponents are to be treated with respect. Don't like a call? Too bad. Shut up and play. Penalties will be called for unsportsmanlike conduct for berating/arguing with the referees as well and stick slamming/throwing or any other unsportsmanlike behavior.

-Once again, PLEASE be sure to let the scorekeepers know who scored/assisted on every goal. You'll need to yell up to the scorer's table to let us know. You can yell your name or numbers. There will never be more than one assist on any goal. 

*The bar will not open until around 5:00PM or so. Please do not bring any alcoholic drinks in with you. Midwest Sport Hockey is giving us a deal on the rink rental fees and the least we can do is buy beer from them. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOT GET SO INEBRIATED THAT YOU ARE UNABLE TO SAFELY PLAY IN YOUR GAMES. YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TOURNAMENT IF THE REFEREES FEEL YOUR ARE UNABLE TO SAFELY PARTICIPATE!

*By playing in this tournament, you agree that you will not leave your dressing room for the night without helping to clean up and leave it as you found it. The 2 teams that play in the championship game agree to clean the bench areas and leave them trash/bottle/tape/debris free.

Thanks for playing!

Jason Miller