Sunday Roller Hockey Statistics

All statistics are available through the following links:

  Click Here   for all statistics through 5/19/2019

  Click Here   for all box scores for the '18-'19 season

  Click Here   for individual player statistics (courtesy of Dan Crouse) 

E-mail The Commish at for all box scores through the 2017-2018 Championship Series

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Statistics earned during any SRH Championship Series do not count toward your season or all-time totals.

Make sure that you look at the correct tab at the bottom of the Excel document.  You can choose from:

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  • All stats before the 2009-2010 season can be obtained by contacting Jason Miller.

The three stars are found under that night's box score and on the home page.  The three stars were discontinued after the 2012-2013 season.

Box scores from Early 2007 can still be found under their own link to the left.  Unfortunately, they are not complete.  Box scores from Late 2007-Early 2008 will be stored with the rest of the statistics found inside the "All Statistics" link above.  All other box scores beginning with the Late 2008 season will be stored under their own link above.