2020-2021 SRH Safety Protocols

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SRH will be instituting the following safety protocols until further notice...

  1. The top double doors will be used as an entrance only. Please do not exit through the top double doors.
  2. The bottom single door will be used as an exit only. Please do not enter through the bottom single door.
  3. A mask must covering your nose and mouth be worn from the moment you enter the building. Please continue to wear the mask until you are finished getting all of your gear on in the dressing room and are headed out to the rink to play. After the games, please put your mask back on as soon as you get to your spot in the dressing room and wear it until you exit the building.
  4. Please submit to a temperature check by rink staff in the bar area before heading down to a dressing room. If rink staff determines you have a temperature that's too high (the cutoff temperature is decided by the rink staff), you will not be allowed to play and must exit the building.
  5. Rink staff may assign you to a certain dressing room or let you know which dressing rooms are available. Feel free to use any dressing room which is available so you can spread out as much as possible.
  6. You are also allowed to simply get dressed in the bleacher area provided you stay at least 6-10 feet away from others while doing so.
  7. Showers are currently unavailable.